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CLERACTIV™ Blemish-Free Compact Facial Care™ Bar

CLERACTIV™ Blemish-Free Compact Facial Care™ Bar

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Acne . Rosacea . Combination. Oily . Eczema

Plant Phytonutrients, Milk’s Natural AHAs (alpha hydroxy acid), special blend of bacteria fighting essential oils & pharmaceutical bamboo’s soft micro derma polishing help in the defense against breakouts, blackheads, balance oil secretion, calm inflammation in rosacea, itchiness of eczema, giving the most natural and effective solution to regain clear smooth healthy looking skin

Removes make-up while it cleanses, exfoliates, re-balances, deeply nourishes and tightens pores to reveal your best complexion ever !

INSTRUCTIONS: Morning and night, lather up bar between hands with water. Gently massage cleansing lather onto face and neck without rubbing and without facecloth. Let sit for 15-30 seconds before rinsing by splashing with warm or cool water with your hands. Avoid hot water under shower. Gently pat dry with soft towel. Immediately apply face serum on damp skin.

SENSITIVE SKIN: One use per day the 1st week. 

Note: During the first few weeks, if you notice small pimples, dry skin patches, this is a temporary and normal process of skin detoxification. Avoid products containing alcohol, waxes, silicones, EDTA, parabens, perfume and clean your make-up brushes & sponges every week.

Take care: Avoid splashing in eyes, if irritation, simply rinse with cool water and do not rub eyelids.

Travel / Detox size 2.5g will yield Over 20 treatments.*

Medium size 42g will last Over 4 month of daily use.*

Large size 90g will last Over 8 month of daily use.*

*Let facial bar dry in between uses increases its duration.

Made with: Healthy Farmed Fresh Goat's Milk, Organic Coconut, Sustainable Palm & Avocado Oils, Cocoa Butter and Powder, Oats, Siberian Ginseng, Collagen, Pharmaceutical Grade Purified Bamboo Fiber, Essential Oil Complex.

Prolong the benefits of facial care by nourishing and protecting your skin with our Pure Active Vegan Serum Creams 100% plants, without artificial substances, ultra-nutritive, without oily film.
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