Copy of NATURE in the skin

"Did you know that ALL SUBSTANCES (toxic or not) are absorbed with 85% more efficiency by THE SKIN than by the mouth? Medicated transdermal patches prove it. It is therefore very important to look at the list of ingredients when buying a product for the skin. Opt for nutritious, 100% natural ingredients, known to beautify and meet the needs of the skin.

An article published in 1998 (US NEWS & WORLD REPORT) stated “We look and smell good, but we are exposed to over 300 chemicals A DAY! Today, there are more of them and most of them are known to be toxic to our health: substances that are carcinogenic, mutagenic, harmful to the reproductive and nervous systems, these are the promises that certain brands hide behind attractive advertisements.

Our mission is to eliminate the use of polluting substances, create PERFORMING treatments with measurable RESULTS and simplify the beauty RITUAL. It is by eliminating the water that we can achieve the elimination of the undesirable chemical additives as well. In addition, the active ingredients remain ACTIVE, they do not degrade like other products which often contain more than 75% water. Our process and secret formulation allows Mutli-Care BREADS to retain their precious BEAUTIFYING benefits in latency ”, until you wake them up underwater.

Evaluate your products by checking SUBSTANCES to avoid.

We do NOT use any chemical, polluting or harmful substance to your health or that of the planet.

No animal cruelty. 100% NATURAL and high quality ingredients. Our creams are entirely ORGANIC and vegetable.

We love PLANTS and FLOWERS, sources of life, of BEAUTY, of BENEFITS. For millennia, they have been used to cure many ailments, to beautify and embalm places.

Our formulations use the power of plants to heal and beautify your skin without ANY ADDITIVES, synthetic substances or perfumes.

In fact, we believe that it is better to let the skin breathe while giving it what it needs to regenerate and maintain its BEAUTY without putting your health and our fragile ecosystems at risk.

We take great care in finding the best sources of small organic producers, certified or not, in order to encourage small diversified, biodynamic and sustainable crops.

Not only are our products handcrafted by the hands of masters and designed by a panel (biochemist, herbalist, naturopath, aromatherapist) but they are imbued with LOVE and HARMONY (our process) according to the research of Dr. Masaru Emoto.

Help us grow beauty through plants, one PRETTY face at a time.