Who are we

We love PLANTS and FLOWERS: source of LIFE, BEAUTY, BENEFITS. For millennia, they have been used to cure many ailments, beautify and embalm places.

DERMÉCOLOGIE uses the power of plants to care for and beautify your skin without ANY ADDITIVES, synthetic substances or perfume.

In fact, we believe that it is better to let the skin breathe while giving it what it needs to regenerate and maintain its BEAUTY without putting our fragile ecosystems and your health at risk.

We take great care in finding the best sources (small organic-certified producers or not) in order to encourage small, diversified, biodynamic, sustainable and animal cruelty-free crops.

made with responsible and conscious palm oil

Not only are our products handcrafted by the hands of masters (bio-chemist, herbalist, naturopath, aromatherapist) but they are imbued with LOVE and HARMONY according to the research of Dr. Masaru Emoto.

We've been growing  in the 100% plant-based beauty industry, one PRETTY face at a time, for 18 years!

Since 2005, Dermecologie's journey to change the game in the cosmetics industry has not been without pitfalls...
In 2016, Chantal Asselin, the founder of this company and mission, suffered a debilitating brain injury that set her on a healing path towards her dream…to ​​live in a garden…

Her love of plants is what inspired her to aim to participate in life despite the constraints that prevent her from resuming her career as a formulator at the head of Dermecologie. Follow her and discover the many benefits of different plant properties for your skin and your health in small interviews directly from her semi-desert oasis in her micro-house of earth.

Gabriel Molina has taken over the mission and philosophy of the designer formulator of the Dermecologie company, continuing the production of zero-toxin skin care and personal hygiene products.

A fan of Dermecology products, its goal is to provide excellent products to conscious consumers who support and prefer organic, vegan, ethical alternatives, focused on noticeable results, far from polluting and unhealthy commercial imitations.



Did you know that in North America, more than 70 million tons of plastic bottles are thrown in the trash. That only a low 10% of these are recycled! Every hour, Americans throw away 2.5 million bottles and they end up in landfills or in the sea! These bottles take hundreds of years to decompose and often animals ingest the residue.

In the pacific garbage patch, plastic outnumbers plankton by 6 times...and stretches the size of the STATE of TEXAS!


By using LUMACTIV Anti-Blemish Face Care™, you help eliminate 10 to 25 plastic bottles from the environment (annually per household)!!!

In addition, no toxic or mutagenic release into the ecosystem NONE! It is all natural, 100% biodegradable...the paper packaging is minimalist and recyclable. Thank you for making your gesture and passing this information to your contacts. 

Video: Plastics in the sea

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English video: The Garbage Patch