Medicated transdermal patches are proof of that. It is therefore very important to look at the list of ingredients when buying a product for the skin. Opt for nutritious, 100% natural ingredients, known to beautify and meet the needs of the skin.

An article published in 1998 (US NEWS & WORLD REPORT) stated “We look and smell good, but we are exposed to over 300 chemicals A DAY! Today, there are more of them and most of them are known to be toxic to our health: substances that are carcinogenic, mutagenic, harmful to the reproductive and nervous systems, these are the promises that certain brands hide behind attractive advertisements.

Our mission is to eliminate the use of polluting substances, create PERFORMING treatments with measurable RESULTS and simplify the beauty RITUAL. It is by eliminating the water that we can achieve the elimination of the undesirable chemical additives as well. In addition, the active ingredients remain ACTIVE, they do not degrade like other products which often contain more than 75% water. Our process and secret formulation allows Mutli-Care BREADS to retain their precious BEAUTIFYING benefits in latency ”, until you wake them up underwater.

Evaluate your products by checking SUBSTANCES to avoid .

We do NOT use any chemical, polluting or harmful substance to your health or that of the planet.

No animal cruelty. 100% NATURAL and high quality ingredients. Our creams are entirely ORGANIC and vegetable.


When other products have left you disappointed with poor results, you have to try LUMACTIV MULTI-CARE FACE BREAD. This is the CARE of the 21st century! We regularly receive many testimonials from women delighted with the results obtained and the compliments received: rejuvenated skin, dissipated brown spots, pimples and blackheads that no longer form. FACIAL LUMACTIV regulates oily skin, calms rosacea, nourishes dry and devitalized skin, WAKES UP the complexion, refines the texture, firms loose skin, tightens pores... and so EASY to use!

Compare it to the cost of diets with multiple bulky bottles, FACIAL PAIN is significantly more economical! The 20g roll gives you over 2 months of morning and night use. (Compare to the cost of a single micro-dermabrasion treatment at $45 and more). Finally treat yourself and opt for real results. You will see it, we will notice it!


  • cleansing milk/make-up remover
  • the exfoliator
  • the astringent
  • nutritive/corrective care
  • and the ultra-gentle micro-dermabrasion treatment

All this in a daring mousse bun!

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