Private Label

It is now possible for you to affix YOUR TRADEMARK on a high-performance 100% NATURAL and ORGANIC skin care range in small quantities. Our clientele consists of health professionals, aesthetics, SPA, small hotel establishments, natural product shops, various brands at WHOLE FOODS USA, at Amazon, emerging brands around the world!
Formulations without any synthetic substance;
Unique patented ingredients allowing us to increase the power of active ingredients and preserve formulations without chemical preservatives or substances harmful to the environment;
We have 2 laboratories that allow us to respond to all those who want to create their brand while starting with modest means and quantity. Whether it's for your first collection of 50, 100, 500, 1000... units, let us support you in your project with our winning formulations that rival the big brands.

Hypoallergenic, composed only of extracts of PLANTS, flowers and fruits.

Only essential oils are used for their therapeutic and olfactory power. No perfume or synthetic fragrance.

ULTRA GENTLE ORGANIC products for BABY: bath gel, shampoo, body cream, talc-free powder. FRAGRANCE FREE


Sensitive Skin Cleansing Milk,

Gentle eye make-up remover,

Ultra-gentle dermabrasion face care bar,

Anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, anti-pigmentation creams,

Anti millium grain powder,


Hyper hydrating mist with hyaluronic acid..etc.

Liquid soap for the shower

Ultra-nourishing body cream with rosehip oil

Milk body pain, luxury moisturizer for HER and HIM

Nourishing plant-based sulfate-free shampoo that boosts hair growth and shine.

Hair conditioner without silicones, without heaviness that treats irritated scalp and damaged hair.

Hair regrowth tonic

Ideal for companies or professionals who work in aesthetics or natural care. Perfect for fundraisers or awareness campaigns.

Contact us now for any questions relating to products, minimum quantities, costs, list of ingredients, available packaging, (branding) creation of your brand, design and printing of labels, etc.

Please confirm: your type of business, your communications (website, facebook, etc.), intention and needs, in order to better assist you.

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