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smoothed, firmed skin, reduced wrinkles, clear complexion, rejuvenated, rebalanced skin, tightened pores, dark spots disappear... soothes rosacea.


-I tried one of your products recently, the face bar, which completely changed the texture of my skin...soft as a baby's bottom. It was recommended to me by a friend and I am delighted with the results. I found the bread expensive at first but since I don't need any other product such as astringent, exfoliant and others…I went from skeptic to adept overnight. -FORT LAUDERDALE

I have always had skin problems and have tried everything on the market, even creams from the dermatologist. I understood that with your face bread, my skin can finally clear the dirt and is no longer a prisoner of substances that clog my skin pores. I have never had such beautiful skin in my life! Thank you infinitely to give me back a social life…go on   to do what you do. -GATINEAU

I had brown spots that appeared in summer and didn't go away even when winter arrived. Someone told me about your super easy facial treatment and in 2 weeks the spots have drastically diminished and don't reappear even after tanning. Wow..and everyone tells me I'm 10 years younger! Thank you - MONTREAL

What a beautiful product! I'm allergic to almost everything and was desperate when it came to taking care of my face. I noticed that all the ingredients are NATURAL and it's gentle on my skin. I no longer have red patches on my face. - FRANCE

I have been beautician for a long time and I developed rosacea thanks to the many occlusive ingredients contained in the many creams that I sold and used without knowing that she would skin me constantly irritated, red, ugly to which I can't even put on makeup without exacerbate the problem. You suggested I use the face bar and the PRETTY cream. After 2 weeks I started to see that my skin was regenerating after a period of "decrutting" of I don't know what fell from my skin. A month later, my skin is as beautiful as a peach! Well done for this product and what simplicity! - LAURENTIANS

I have oily skin and sometimes acne. My friend said to me, take the face bar to cleanse and remove makeup. Super BEAUTIFUL my skin.. it looks like I have normal skin. The JOLIE cream is completely absorbed as soon as you put it on and you never feel it that we have cream on the skin (even at the end of the day)! Thank you Mrs. Asselin - LAVAL

Red patches, dilated pores, greasy skin on the forehead and chin. This time is OVER… thank you, thank you, thank you to the sparkling BREAD for the FACE Dermecology. It smells so good too… even my boyfriend uses it and he even has more pimples and blackheads! - QUEBEC

I had eczema on my face and head and couldn't use anything irritating anymore. ARCHITEK allows me to wash and shave WITHOUT IRRITATION and my plaques have drastically reduced. My dermatologist is impressed with the MILK FACE BREAD which he says helps my skin. JY-LONGUEUIL

NO MORE Pimples and IRRITATIONS when shaving. Thank you for your treatment HOMME ARCHITEK!!! And it lasts almost a year this bread.. the hockey guys even asked me what I had done to be "so beautiful" hahaha! - BOISBRIAND